1. ohscience:

    if completely compressed, the entire human race could fit inside a sugar cube—atoms are that empty. 

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    The Unimpressed Astronaut Meme (more of them here)

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  3. blackinkobelisk:

    I was born a body of worlds
    a carnal web of cosmic pearl
    billions of stars that hold me to my bones,
    and when one day their cores collapse
    I will shed my skin in ash
    and sleep among the mosses and the stone.

    I’ll grow into the vine that licks the ruin
    writhe beneath the savage moon

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    me likes

    this is disturbingly relevant

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  5. thisamazingplanet:

    the path of bamboo, revisited #13 (near Tenryuu-ji temple, Kyoto) (by Marser)


  6. Somebody please buy me this, or really any of the chimp paintings or jane goodall prints or lunch with her. That would be great, thanks.

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    The Science of Partying

    I’m well-versed. Have a good weekend!

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  8. I love space art <3


  9. Little Planet.. so cuteee!

  10. freshphotons:

    False-Colored Hydrothermal Worm SEM with Louis Vuitton Monogram Jacket and Burberry Scarf, Gold Chain and Gold Fronts.

    Wish this was how all organisms looked under a microscope.

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